About my approach

In my practice I believe that while we are “spiritual beings having a human experience” we need to translate our “spirituality” into everyday, ordinary life. We need to be able to bring those illusive feelings of happiness, joy, love and peace into our real, everyday lives.  When we start experiencing more of these positive feelings, our lives transform.  We no longer run from crisis to crisis, forgetting who we are, and not realizing that when we run away from our feelings they just follow us everywhere.  We become happy, joyful, and peaceful human beings.  We bring together our spiritual and human sides into our lives.  Easier said than done? Not necessarily. Psychotherapy is a great tool to help people with this process. It embraces both human and spiritual sides of us so the healing can take place. The intuitive approach I provide in my therapy allows the individuals to move through their healing process gracefully; it cuts through their defenses and takes them straight to the main issue behind their present problem. 

We cannot change the past circumstances in our lives.  What we can change is our attitude towards those circumstances. That change takes the focus away from feeling hurt and insecure towards feeling confident and good about ourselves.  We no longer look for that confidence in others, waiting for them to make us feel good.  We are able to find that confidence within ourselves.   And then … we can start living the life we always wanted for ourselves.

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that rages inside people.
He said:
“My son, the battle is between 2 wolves.  One is Evil. It is filled with anger, regret, envy
and greed.  The other is Good. It is filled with peace, love, light and hope”.
The grandson thought for a moment, and then asked his grandfather:  “Which wolf wins?”
The grandfather simply replied…..” The one you feed”.

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